Friday, September 2, 2011

How to use a diaper with a fold down rise

When I first started cloth diapering, I found it amazing that there were so many different types of cloth diapers. My goal in these types of posts is to at least help you to be able to use the diapers that you purchase from me.

I traditionally make my diapers with the snap down rise. I find that it's easier to use, but it comes down to preference. They are both functional ways to have a one-size diaper. I will use the fold down rise when an embroidery design is requested on the front of the diaper or if a customer specifically requests the fold down rise**. 

**I no longer can add a fold down rise to pocket diapers. The inner gussets make it difficult to add the snaps. I will still embroider on the front of a pocket diaper, but it will have to either have no rise snaps at all or small enough embroidery design so I can accommodate the snap down rise.**

From what I've seen there are two main ways that a company can make a one-size diaper. I'm sure there are a couple others, but these are the two ways I see the most.

1. The snap down rise: This is the rise that I've seen in most manufactured diapers. This is where the diaper will snap down the front of the diaper so you can adjust the rise in the diaper. Usually there are two to three different rise adjustments on these diapers.

2. The fold down rise: This is the rise I've seen in many, "WAHM" or "work at home mom" diapers. I also see this type of rise on most fitted diapers that don't have snaps or Velcro closures. The fold down rise is where you fold down the top-front of the diaper to adjust the rise.

This post is to help you become more familiar with how to use the second type of rise, the fold down rise.

Here is a picture showing the top front of the diaper. This is typically what a fold down rise with snaps looks like. There might be more or less snaps across the front depending on the maker



To use the fold down rise, you basically just fold down the top of the diaper to reveal the inner snaps. This row of snaps is what you will now use to close the diaper.

Close the diaper as you normally would except you will now use the snaps that were revealed when you folded down the diaper.

You are finished! This is how small the diaper can get when using the fold down rise.