Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bobaco Bitty: Newborn AI2 and Pocket diapers

Today I want to give a little more information on our newborn diapers. I'm also excited to announce that in addition to the newborn AI2 we currently offer, now available for purchase is the newborn pocket diaper!

Price for either style newborn diaper is $12. Inserts are included in price.

Features of the newborn diaper:
-fits approx. 5lbs-14lbs.
-hidden PUL, no cover required.
-turned and top stitched.
-cross over snaps/aplix for smaller waists
-adjustable snap down rise.
   Largest rise setting: 14"
      Smallest rise setting: 11"
-cotton velour or minky inner**
-available with snaps or aplix closure.

**please note the pocket diaper will have cotton velour inner and the AI2 will have minky inner unless otherwise requested.**

A side by side of our newborn diaper next to our one size diaper.  













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