Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Introducing the "Combo" Pocket/AI2 Diaper!!


If you are anything like me you have struggled with what type of diaper you like the best, pockets or AI2's. Some days I LOVE pockets and other days I LOVE AI2's. I have been trying to figure out a way to combine both. After a customer requested something like this I realized that I was way over thinking what I initially was going to do. All I need to do is add a snap to the pocket diaper. Needless to say I did this and the combo diaper was born( I have since added the hidden back snap to all of Parker's pocket diapers.)

**A quick note: I will still be offering the standard pocket or AI2 for sale. This will be an additional product to our diaper line.**


I'm big on providing quality products at affordable prices, so I had to figure out way to keep costs down. The microfiber can't be used next to baby and making a customer buy two different types of inserts so they could use this made it costly. I decided to top the standard microfiber insert with cotton velour. Now the insert can be used both stuffed in the pocket or laid in the diaper.

I will also offer the option of using our standard bamboo insert or the "New" super soaker insert(I will be showing more details of the new insert in the next blog post.)


Shown above is the New "super soaker." It is made from top layer of cotton velour, 3 layers of bamboo fleece and 2 layers of french terry for a total of 6 layers. When folded over you will have 10 total soaker layers(not including the velour.)There is also a double snap on the back to add on additional soaker layers.


To use as a pocket diaper, just fold the insert to the length you are wanting and stuff in the diaper. You can keep the insert loose or take advantage of the snap when using the diaper as a pocket diaper.


Price list

Combo/AI2 diaper:
only adding snap to pocket: $16
microfiber insert topped with cotton velour: $18
standard bamboo insert topped with cotton velour: $18
new bamboo/terry insert topped with cotton velour: $20

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daddy's Old Shirt!

Does daddy have a shirt that looks interesting, but he never wears it anymore? I can take the shirt and make it into a cloth diaper!


What size shirt do you need to make a cloth diaper?

The best case scenario would be a men's XL shirt.

The shirt size that was used to make the diaper in the picture is a men's size large. It was the muscle fit type, so it's a little smaller than a standard large. The shirt was a little smaller than the wings of my diaper pattern, so I took other portions of the shirt and cut out the wings. The smallest size shirt I have made a diaper with is a toddler size 2, but I had to use a complementing fabric to fill in where the pattern wouldn't fit.


How big can the graphic on the shirt be to fit on the bum of the diaper?

If you measure the "main" graphic that you want, it should be no larger than 5"x7". As you can see in the picture there is a lot more going on with the graphic and some of that is cut out, but the main graphic I wanted was the hand which is about 4"x4".


Can you make any style diaper using a shirt?

Yes! I can make any style you are looking for. The picture happens to be a snapless fitted.

If you want more information about a shirt you might be interested in making into a diaper please contact me: