Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Daddy's Old Shirt!

Does daddy have a shirt that looks interesting, but he never wears it anymore? I can take the shirt and make it into a cloth diaper!


What size shirt do you need to make a cloth diaper?

The best case scenario would be a men's XL shirt.

The shirt size that was used to make the diaper in the picture is a men's size large. It was the muscle fit type, so it's a little smaller than a standard large. The shirt was a little smaller than the wings of my diaper pattern, so I took other portions of the shirt and cut out the wings. The smallest size shirt I have made a diaper with is a toddler size 2, but I had to use a complementing fabric to fill in where the pattern wouldn't fit.


How big can the graphic on the shirt be to fit on the bum of the diaper?

If you measure the "main" graphic that you want, it should be no larger than 5"x7". As you can see in the picture there is a lot more going on with the graphic and some of that is cut out, but the main graphic I wanted was the hand which is about 4"x4".


Can you make any style diaper using a shirt?

Yes! I can make any style you are looking for. The picture happens to be a snapless fitted.

If you want more information about a shirt you might be interested in making into a diaper please contact me:

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